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Introducing Mr Loki T. Raven.

After years of rehabilitation, Loki finally began to trust once again, bonding with Elliot who soon became his best friend.

Loki’s Story

Loki is a Common Raven (Corvus corax) who is 8 years old. He was bred in captivity in the UK and was raised by humans so he wouldn’t survive in the wild. It’s illegal in the UK to release captive-bred birds into the wild so he was bred for a life in captivity. At 1 year old, Loki came to Coda Falconry which is a bird of prey centre based in West London, England. It was clear that Loki hadn’t been well treated and was shy, aggressive and missing lots of feathers. With lots of rehabilitation, Loki began to trust and bond with Elliot who soon became his best friend. Now they are inseparable and often take walks together around Hobbledown Heath. Loki is a free-flying raven, his wings are not clipped and he is not tied down….he has the whole sky to fly in and chooses to return to his home at the end of the day.

Raven Facts

Ravens can live a long time! In the wild, ravens have been recorded at over 20 years old and in captivity, that jumps to over 40 years. Ravens are corvids so they belong in the same family as other crows. They are extremely intelligent birds and have shown amazing problem solving techniques to survive in harsh locations – even calling wolves to a carcass so that the wolves can tear the skin and the ravens can then feed on the meat inside.