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    Can Loki fly free?

    Yes absolutely! We have a bond of trust with Loki and he is allowed to roam freely across the Lee Valley Park. His wings are not clipped and he can fly wherever he wants. He chooses to come back because he loves his home. Loki is housed in an aviary at night to protect him from foxes and other predators.

    What are the strings on his feet?

    These are called “Flying Jesses” and they are standard equipment used in falconry. There is one on each foot and they are NOT tied together! They are simply 2 bits of material that we can hold onto when we need to take Loki to the vets (think of putting a dog on a lead). They do not restrict his flight or movement in any way.


    To learn more about the equipment check out a vide owe did which explains all!

    The Gwah Diaries – Episode 1 

    Why does Loki come back?

    Ravens are very intelligent birds and know what they’re doing – if Loki wasn’t happy, he wouldn’t come back to his aviary to sleep and would wander off to elsewhere. Loki has a bond with his handlers and sees us like family, safety and security so he comes back to us simply because he wants to (and he doesn’t have to pay rent!).

    What does Loki like to eat?

    SNACKS! Loki is an omnivore which means he eats meat, fruit and vegetables. Loki will eat; rat, mice, day old chick, cat biscuits, apple, grapes, berries, locusts, mealworms and the odd cookie or doughnut that he manages to steal from our visitors!

    How old is Loki?

    Loki is 8 years old and his hatch day is the 3rd Feb. Put it in your diary!

    Where can I get a raven, do they make good pets?

    Even though Loki was bred for the pet industry we don’t advise people getting them as pets. In the UK there isn’t any legislation with regards to owning a captive-bred bird-like Loki, but in the USA for example, it is prohibited in most states to own a raven.